The goal of this project is to design a temporary art pavilion for artist Olafur Eliasson’s work “Notion Motion.” The design is inspired by the water movement in the exhibition, the natural environment, and existing materials at the Finger Pier, Port Melbourne.

To allow the whole pavilion to completely integrate with the surrounding environment, I used a wood material similar to the pier’s flooring as the primary material for the pavilion.

The concept of the pavilion interior space is to design a series of public areas that link the three exhibition rooms together and respond to the theme of water movement conveyed from the exhibition. The public spaces consist of four themes: “Monotone space,” “Vibration space,” “Diffusion Space,” and “Integration Space.” The four spaces express the transition of water movement from a static state to a dynamic state.


Floor Plan
East Elevation
West Elevation North & South ElevationNorth-South Section

Site Photos 

Site Analysis & Visual Notes

“Notion Motion” by Olafur Eliasson 

Conceptual Sketches 

Physical Models

Interior Renderings
“Monotone Space,” Entrance Corridor

“Vibration Space,” Reception Space

“Diffusion Space,” Public Corridor & Social Area

“Integration Space,” Viewing Area

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