This project aims to explore ways of creating an inclusive Tarot Card design, which will allow people with different visual abilities to share the same deck of cards.

I have created a series of tactile graphics on watercolor paper, sandpaper, and acrylic sheets by experimenting with various materials, such as white clay, PVA adhesive, wax, sticky tape, silicone rubber, and acrylic paint.

Inspired by a series of photos of natural landscape, architectural spaces, installations and exhibition spaces, each suit is an interpretation and translation of the relationship between human, machine and environment.

Major Arcana Cards 

Human | Nature | Technology 

The Major Arcana introduces the terms to reveal the relationship between humans, nature, and technology, such as "Land," "Water," "Machine," "People," etc.

It represents how humans intervene in the natural environment and transform natural resources into design tools through systematic construction.

Minor Arcana Cards 

Natural Spaces | Architectural Spaces | Interior Spaces

The Minor Arcana contains four suits. The first suit is called The Bird's Eye. It illustrates the relationship between human behavior and natural spaces. Each card represents the impact and consequences of human power on nature. The second suit, The Sun's Eye, shows the different qualities of sunlight in architectural spaces and the subjective feelings it brings to people.
The third suit, The Machine's Eye, reinterprets the form of artificial light in interior spaces and its impact on human perception. The fourth group, The Third Eye, includes the psychological impact of using technology in interior spaces. Each card interprets a state of mind that is being affected.

Suit 1: The Bird’s Eye 

Suit 2: The Machine’s Eye

Suit 4: The Third Eye

Other Material Experiments

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